wedding Checklist pdf.

Wedding Checklist

  1. At least 4 months before the wedding, the couple will need to make 3 appointments with the parish priest for pre-marital counseling
    1. Meeting 1: Paperwork
    2. Meeting 2: Wedding Checklist
    3. Meeting 3: Personal Inventory
    4. All Paperwork should be sent to the Metropolis of Chicago 3 Months before the wedding
  2. The Sponsors (Koumbaroi) must be Orthodox Christians in good standing with their parish.
    1. If they are members at another parish, they must bring a letter signed by their parish priest, stating that they are members in good standing.
  3. The Bride & Groom will also need to be members in good standing with the parish of Holy Trinity
  4. The Fees for the Wedding can be found on the Fees Page of the Church’s Sacrament Sheet
    1. We ask that all Stewardship and Fees completed no less than 3 weeks before the Wedding
      1. With the exception of the Metropolis Fee as that must accompany the Paperwork 3 months before the wedding
    2. You may choose however not to have an organist or a rehearsal, therefore you may exclude those fees.
  5. The following items must be brought to the Wedding Ceremony:
    1. the civil license
    2. the wedding rings
    3. the stefana (crowns)
    4. 2 medium white candles
    5. A silver tray
  6. Please remind your guests that this is a formal, religious ceremony and that appropriate dress should be considered.
    1. Shoulderless tops and pants on women should be avoided.
    2. The same dress code applies for the rehearsal as well.
  7. Arrangements need to be made concerning the time of the wedding rehearsal and the time at which the church will be made available for the florist and photographers on your wedding day.
  8. If you would like the priest to attend the reception, please plan to invite him, as you do your other guests.

Wedding Necessary Paperwork

  1. Baptismal Documents for both the Bride and the Groom
  2. Letter of Good Standing for the Koumbaroi(Sponsors) from his/her/their Parish Priest
    1. If he/she/they live outside of the Metropolis the letter will need to be stamped and signed by his/her/their Metropolis Hierarch
  3. If this is not the Bride or Groom’s first wedding
    1. If Divorced
      1. Civil Letter of Divorce
      2. Ecclesiastical Letter of Divorce (if formerly married in the Orthodox Church
    2. If Widowed
      1. Death Certificate of former Spouse