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  1. The Godparents must be Orthodox Christians in good standing with their parish. If they are members at another parish, they must bring a letter signed by their parish priest, stating that they are members in good standing. A membership card alone is not sufficient.
  2. The Parents and the Godparents will need to come to the church to meet with the parish priest prior to the day of the baptism.
    1. Both the Parents and the Godparents will be required to attend a Baptismal Seminar
      1. If the parents or Godparents have already attended this Seminar they do not need to attend a second time.
    2. The following items must be brought for the Baptismal Ceremony:
      1. One hand towel
      2. One bath towel
      3. Bottle of olive oil
      4. One white sheet
      5. One blanket
      6. One bar of soap
      7. White undershirt for the baby
      8. White suit or dress for the baby
      9. Three candles
      10. Cross
    3. The Fees for the Baptism can be found on the Fees Page of the Church’s Sacrament Sheet
      1. We ask that all Stewardship and Fees completed no less than 3 weeks before the Baptism
    4. Please remind your guests that this is a formal, religious ceremony and that appropriate dress should be considered.
    5. If you would like the priest to attend the baptismal reception, please plan to invite him, as you do your other guests.
    6. Although photographs are allowed, all guests are asked to remain in their seats and not to move around or to create any disturbance.

Necessary Paperwork

  1. Letter of Good Standing for the Godparent from his/her Parish Priest
    1. If they live outside of the Metropolis of Chicago, the letter will need to be stamped and signed by his/her Metropolis Hierarch