Capital Campaign

In the wake of our parish fire in March of 2013, we have been working steadily to renew and rebuild the parish of St. Basil.  Much progress is being made and there is still more to do.  We’ve established three main goals in the work we’re doing:

  • Support the rebuilding effort (returning everything that simply needs to be returned to its previous condition, back to its previous condition);
  • Complete additional capital improvements (making needed improvements/upgrades to the building to make it sound for generations to come);
  • Repay the outstanding mortgage (a $390,000 mortgage that will, over the next 20-25 years cost the parish around $700,000).

Plans are well underway to make all of this a reality.

We need your help to make this happen.  Please consider making a pledge to rebuild St. Basil Church.  Below you will find a link to donate right now (through Paypal) as well as our capital campaign brochure, FAQ and a commitment form.

Campaign Brochure


Commitment Form

For ongoing information on the progress of our work click here to go to our parish rebuilding blog.

Lastly, for more information please contact the church at 312-243-378