Organist: Georgia Pappas Fragale

Director: George Panagopoulos

The Saint Basil Choir is comprised of male and female voices of all ages singing in a four-part harmony and is accompanied by an organ. It sings the responses in the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and special feast days. The choir has several musical arrangements of liturgical music traditional to Byzantine music including composers Anastasiou, Bogdanos, Desby, and Spathis.

The choir rehearses every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. before liturgy for a warm up to quickly run through new hymns that change periodically to the ecclesiastical year.  

No prior music experience is needed to join the choir. All are welcome.

If interested, contact Fr. Dimitri, the church office staff, or the choir director.

George Panagopoulos: 
Church Office:



St. Basil’s Choir Schedule

DATES TIMES Please note that rehearsals are scheduled every Sunday after liturgy. However, it may vary due to those who have time conflicts or depending on the circumstances of the day and or Feast Day.

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