As we prepare to celebrate Holy Week in the “little churches” of our homes, we hope you’ll find the attached Holy Week at Home  booklet helpful and edifying. All of the blue, underlined words are links that will take you to additional information, videos, and audio clips. We created this booklet especially for you, so we’d love to hear if/how you used it to keep Holy Week in your homes. Please let us know!
For our 5-7th grade students, Ed and Marina will be hosting a Virtual Saturday of Lazarus retreat tomorrow immediately following the Divine Liturgy live stream. We’ll learn about the Saturday of Lazarus, Holy Week, and also talk about the lessons and struggles of not being able to physically meet as a Church. We miss all of our students, and we can’t wait to see them on Saturday. 
For the retreat, we’ll be using the following materials:
1. This gospel reading – We would love it if students can read this ahead of time (or listen to it during the Divine Liturgy) and write down one (or more) questions for the group.
2. The Lazarus Saturday handout on OrthodoxABC (scroll down to find it and open the PDF)
3. The Holy Week for Kids chart
Wishing you all blessed days ahead, and a Good Resurrection (Καλή Ανάσταση)!
Yours in Christ,
the St. Basil Sunday School team

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