All Parish Members Of St. Basil Are Welcome To Join

It is more important today than in all of history, to work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In modern society, technology and access to abundant types of wonderful foods have led to a decrease in physical activity and overconsumption of calories. Because of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and overeating, every day more and more Americans are being diagnosed as overweight and obese, with increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Throughout history, many Christians lived an agrarian lifestyle, where hard work and manual labor to grow food and take care of livestock meant spending long hours on your feet and in the sunshine. Seasonal harvests required a careful rationing of food that was meant to last until the next harvest or to be prepared for the threat of crops being destroyed by bad weather.

This made Christians more in-tune with God and Christ, and exceptionally grateful for what little they had, making them more physically and spiritually fit.

But, if we’re not careful, we can find ourselves too sedentary and over-consuming unhealthy foods that are too easily accessible.