Do you work in the city of Chicago?
Would you like to attend Weekday Liturgies but cannot because of Work? Join us at St. Basil.
When:       6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
Where:     St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church
733 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL


Please check the St. Basil website calendar for updates to the below schedule

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2019-2020 Liturgical Year Feasts:

September 2019

2: St. Mamas the Martyr

8: Nativity of the Theotokos (not 2019, falls on Sunday)

20: St. Eustathios the Great Martyr

26: St. John the Evangelist



3: St. Dionysios the Areopagite

18: St. Luke the Evangelist

23: St. Iakovos the Brother of God



1: SS. Kosmas & Damionos the Unmercenaries

16: St. Matthew the Evangelist

21: Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple

25: St. Katherine the Great Martyr



2: St. Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia

4: Ss. Barbara the Great Martyr & St. John of Damascus

5: St. Savas the Sanctified

9: Conception of the Theotokos




December (continued)

15: St. Eleftherios the Hieromartyr

20: St. Ignatios the God-bearer

27: St. Stephen the Protomartyr


January 2020

5: Eve of Theophany (not 2020, falls on Sunday)

6: Theophany

17: St. Anthony

21: St. Maximos the Confessor

25: St. Gregory the Theologian (not 2020, Pilgrimage)

30: The Three Hierarchs (not 2020, Pilgrimage)



2: The Entrance of the Lord into the Temple (not 2020, falls on Sunday)

8: St. Theodore the Commander

2: St. Photini


March – April

Fridays during the first 5 weeks of Great Lent



Bright Tuesday: SS. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene

25: St. Mark the Evangelist




5: St. Irene the Great Martyr

9: Prophet Isaiah and St. Christopher the Martyr



14: Prophet Elisha

24: Nativity of the Forerunner



7: St. Kyriaki the Great Martyr

12: St. Paisios of Mt. Athos

17: St. Marina the Great Martyr

20: Prophet Elias

25: Sy. Anna, the mother of the Theotokos

26: St. Parasekeve the Great Martyr (not 2020, falls on Sunday)

27: St. Panteleimon the Unmercenary

28: St. Irene Chrysovalantou



16: St. Gerasimos of Kefalonia

27: St. Phanourios

29: The Beheading of St. John the Baptist

31: The Placing of the Sash of the Most Holy Theotokos


Patronal Feasts for the Chicago parishes will not be celebrated at St. Basil


Please check the St. Basil website calendar for updates to the above schedule

Liturgies are Livestreamed on the St. Basil Facebook Page