God calls us to be true stewards of all the gifts that we have been given.

One of the most important ways that we can ensure that we are doing what God needs of us is by making a pledge of financial support for St. Basil ministries.

How does my pledge make a difference?

By becoming a steward of St. Basil, your continued generous support is vital for the day-to-day operations of St. Basil along with the ministries of the church.

St. Basil 2018 Stewardship Contributions

Our church meets the financial needs of the day-to-day costs along with the ministries provided through the church by the annual stewardship pledges of the members of St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church. The goal of stewardship commitment is to cover 100% of the operating budget for the church. In 2018, stewardship provided 51% of the nearly $339,000 day-to-day costs of the church in the projected 2018 Budget. Stewardship donations averaged $1,057 per steward with 157 total stewards in 2018.

One way of determining your commitment is to pledge a percentage of your yearly income to St. Basil. According to census.gov, the median household income for the city of Chicago (2013-2017) was $52,497.

Stewardship Giving Chart

Example of Monthly Pledge on $52,497
2%$87. 52 per month
3%$131.27 per month
4%$175.03 per month
5%$218.79 per month
6%$262.55 per month

2019 Stewardship Information